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Cheeky Boofy Boy

Monday Sep 03, 2007 08:38:00 AM

lol. i have a new boofy story. i was in the bath on monday just relaxing, and boof was asleep in the bathroom on the bathroom scales. (he loves that spot) anyway i was just reading in the bath when i heard boof scratching at the door. i looked at him and talked to him telling him how cute he was, but i couldn't be bothered getting out of the bath to let him out. Well, he had other ideas! he kept begging at the side on the bath, and even licked my hand. when he still didn't get what he wanted he almost gave me a heart attack by jumping up on the bathtub ledge. all i heard was the crash of all my cleansers and masks and a mirror falling on the tiles, and boof's head popping up next to me. the only thing was that he didn't realise that the ledge was so thin, and he almost went headfirst into the bath. His whiskers just touched the surface of the water. lol. he sat there in shock for a second, then sniffed the water again to make sure it wasn't solid. then he tried to turn around but the ledge was to thin to turn around, so he just ended up shaking on the spot. I had got the message after that, so i got up and let him out the door. lol. he is such a spoilt rabbit that when he doesn't get what he wants, he lets you know. lol. he is such a cute. On a different note, i bought a silver heart locket with engraved butterflies on it. inside i have a picture of bunnikins (my deceased bunny) and boof, so that they will always be close to my heart.

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